Best Movie Streaming Sites 2018.

PUTLOCKER2 is a website that puts their list of movies right into the homepage so that users visiting their website does not have to waste much time in searching or discovering movies to watch from the website.
The Putlockers2 website lists out the video quality of each movie title within the listing itself so that you can easily know the video quality of the movie that you are about to watch.

Bad Reviews from Glo Ghana Customers.

They say opinions are like noses and everyone has one, There has been complains from some Glo customers that its network and other services associated with it are poorly managed. Though they had much expectations of enjoying better service packages upon their entry into Ghana with the permission from the National Communications Authority (NCA) due to the accolade tagged them by our brothers from Nigeria "THE GRANDMASTERS OF DATA". 
But there has been some disappointments on the part of Ghanaians due to unreliable network coverage,other technical errors and poor customer service representatives who have failed to explain to their cherished customers the reasons of not satisfying their needs.

NCA Gives Approval for Airtel‐Tigo Merger in Ghana.

The National Communications Authority has given approval for the merger between Bharti Ghana Limited (Airtel) and Millicom Ghana Limited (Tigo) to proceed subject to some conditions. This merger will result in an entity which will be the second largest mobile network operations in the country.
 The merger, which was first announced in March this year, required the regulator to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the application and the regulatory ecosystem.

MTN, TIGO and VODAFONE Ghana Midnight Bundles.

In recent times the various mobile networks in Ghana have increased their data charges on internet usage with slow speed and network breakages without any better excuse when their customer care are contacted. But lets make hay while the sun shine, why are the various midnight bundles currently rolled in Ghana by the various mobile networks a bit cheaper than the usual daily bundle subscriptions?  Below are the midnight bundles from MTN, TIGO and VODAFONE which is worth using. Is it "Value for Money"?.