Use WhatsApp Video Call.

WhatsApp video calling lets you place a video call to anyone using WhatsApp. Video calling is only available to users who are on Android OS 4.1+. If your system OS is not supported, video calling will not be available to you.
Note: Make sure you have a strong network connection when placing or receiving video calls. 
A poor or improperly configured connection may result in poor video and audio quality.

Reasons why people don’t use Real photos on Facebook.

After getting a friend request from Facebook user with a totally fake profile photo.. I think its getting too common to receive such request from people with fake photos? There are lot of Facebook profiles not using real pictures but using other photos of: celebrities, unknown faces and more. Is the person planning something legal or illegal? There are countless reasons for using fake (not real) photo on Facebook profile.

  •  Identification Issues – People don’t want to be easily  identified and consequently tracked by people they very close with like: boss, girl friend, wives, parents.. etc

Unlock AT&T Microsoft phone and use with other mobile networks worldwide.

Having recieved an AT&T Microsoft phone, I thought it will be easy to just slot in my SIM and start using it here in Ghana but there was a network lock on the mobile phone. I started to do some research on how to unlock AT&T mobile with network lock, So i realized that to unlock your AT&T phone or tablet so it will work on another carrier’s network, you will need to request an unlock code from AT&T. Once you receive this code, you will need to follow the unlock instructions provided here for your device.

Frequent Questions and Answers about Vodafone cash.

What is Vodafone Cash?
Vodafone Cash is a fast, simple and secure service that allows you to use your mobile phone to transfer money and make payments.

What other payments can I use Vodafone Cash for apart from transferring money?
Vodafone cash can be used to send and receive money, top up airtime for self and other Vodafone numbers, pay bills (Vodafone Bills) as well as buy goods and services.

Do I need to have a bank account to use Vodafone Cash?
No. Vodafone Cash is available for everyone with a mobile phone. All you need is a Vodafone Cash account which you will get once you register for the service.

Vodafone RED Offers

Vodafone Red life weekly
Enjoy 300 free minutes to call any Vodafone number, 30 free minutes to call to other local networks, 5 free minutes to call USA, Canada and UK Fixed lines, 150 MB browsing allowance and 100 free SMS to any local network valid for 7 days. Subscription fee is GHc 6.00.

Dial 5353 to subscribe.

Why Start YouTube and How To Be Successful.

There are a lot of people out there from all over the world that want to start a YouTube channel. From my experience it seems that a proportion of these people that want to start a YouTube channel but face the challenge of getting more subscribers, views and quality video content as these are the main important things needed to be successful on YouTube.

Rome was not built in a day so everything takes time.

Introducing facebook live Audio.

Facebook said as they continue to improve their Live experience updates, They’ve been listening to feedback to inform the new tools and features we build. One thing they’ve heard is that partners want new formats for going live. They announced Live 360 last week, and today we’re excited to announce another way to go live on Facebook: Live Audio

Facebook said it saw creators going live on a still image as a workaround to tell audio-only stories. It also said audio would help people in areas where internet signals are weak.